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10 Key Benefits of Sales Team Monitoring

Unsurprisingly, 2020 proved to be a difficult year for sales representatives. According to HubSpot’s most recent Global Sales Enablement Survey, 40% of organizations underperformed on revenue targets. But this is not all bad, 64% of sales leaders who focused on remote sales met or exceeded their sales goals. This data helped a lot of businesses to build a solid sales strategy for sales team monitoring to gain their revenue back.

Keeping accurate sales records like this, is one of the most important aspects of sales team monitoring which is important to increase business growth. First, let’s understand sales performance monitoring.


What Is a Sales Team Monitoring System?
what is sales team monitoring system

A sales team monitoring system is designed to help the sales manager to evaluate the performance of the sales team. It helps to increase the SR’s (sales representative) productivity and accountability and helps the manager to forecast future sales with greater accuracy. This can be done both manually or using an app or software, and the benefits are even more. Now let’s talk about how to measure sales team productivity and performance.

How To Monitor Sales Performance?
KPI for sales team monitoring

Sales performance can be measured by the KPI (key performance indicator). KPI is used for a variety of areas – including sales team monitoring. The sales team manager will set the KPI to see if the team is on track to achieve a predefined sales goal. In many cases, simply developing profit levels or converting a prospect into a client is not enough to ensure that everything is going as planned. So, overall sales performance should be seen as a key factor when evaluating progress and identifying areas for improvement. 

Now let’s talk about the benefits of sales team monitoring.

Benefits of Sales Team Monitoring

The key benefit of monitoring a sales team is that it allows you to gain insight into your sales process. It’s like the headlight of the car that you are driving in the middle of a foggy night. It helps you see what’s coming from the other end to help you understand the market and achieve your objectives as quickly as possible.

benefits of sales team monitoring
Make Informed Decision

It’s hard to know what to do next if you don’t know where you’ve been. Monitoring sales team allows the manager and everyone in the sales team to determine which strategies are working and which are not. By watching your teamwork, you can make informed decisions. Instead of relying on guesswork, you can fine-tune your game plan based on real numbers created and evaluated in real time.

Increased SR’s Productivity

Most of the sales operations and tasks can be automated, which can free up some time of an SR and that will add more value. This means more closed deals in less time. Tools like Conveyance App, can eliminate data entry for repeated tasks for SR’s and boost their productivity levels by as much as 43%. It can also automate tasks such as sending updates, preparing reports, and so on.

Streamline Operations

A systematic approach for monitoring sales can streamline the entire business operation and make it more efficient. It can help sales representatives to spend less time thinking about their next task and more time on revenue-generating activities.

Increased SR’s Accountability

If you are using a software to monitor your sales team, then you are on the right track. A sales team monitoring system will allow you to track SR’s activity metrics, such as where they have been while on the clock and the specific sales activities they have performed, and so forth This way you will know everything about your SR which will keep them accountable. They’ll be much less likely to “slack off” when they know you’ll ask them about it at your next on-on-one meeting. Nobody wants to have that talk!

Improved Organization

A proper sales team monitoring system will give you a well-managed organization environment. It will give you a clean, resourceful database, successfully storing and organizing leads and customer information. This means you can get information in a more organized manner without the hassle of finding them.

Improved Internal Interaction

The sales team monitoring system allows you to improve the process of interaction between field employees. Real-time task updates and automated notification notifications eliminates the communications over phone or via other tools rather than one single app. And it is important to have a solid base of communication with every person involved in sales operations.

Find and Fix Problems Faster

Maintaining a sales team with proper monitoring software, it is easier to find and fix any problem. Time is money and every second counts. The sales team monitoring system makes troubleshooting faster and easier for IT network professionals.

Boost Team Efficiency

Sales team monitoring software will allow you to collect customer’s data, analytics, and rich insights that enable the field sales force to effectively perform on the field. Additionally, the connectivity of the system enables the field staff to stay up to date about internal operations. Overall, it boosts the field staff’s general effectiveness and productivity.

Instant Tracking

The work hour count of the field force or internal sales team reveals how long they have been working on the field and working for the organization. And if you are using Conveyance App, the checking-checkout feature of the app helps in calculating the total productive hours and will give you an extra benefit of verifying work hours and disburse payments against that. Simply transfer the data to another accounting app via API connectivity, it’s smooth and easy for further process.

Performance Assessment

To get effective results, it’s important to review and improve every individual employee’s performance. A tool like Conveyance app can unfold vital insights such as timely visits, verified work hours, employee attendance, the number of tasks or client meetings in a day that further helps in assessing the employees’ performance.


Whether you need to monitor your sales or increase your team’s productivity, a sales team monitoring system must increase productivity, performance and overall business growth. Finally, an effective and efficient sales team monitoring system improves the overall productivity and credibility of the organization.

A sales team monitoring system can be one of the most profitable solutions for your organization. If you are looking for an app or software to monitor your team, then we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on how to implement an effective, long-term sales team monitoring system in your organization and start boosting growth from the ground up.

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