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Conveyance App: The cornerstone of delivery and supply chain management!

Tougher difficulties can be solved easily If we can take the right step at the right moment. Since we are talking about supply chain and delivery management, it is necessary to update the working method with time and adopt the right technology. As consumers are being more and more dependent on online, it is important to apply modern technology in supply chain management to meet their needs and sustain the business. The application of technology may seem very difficult and costly but not Not really! Along with the supply chain, Product transport, fleet management, delivery management– everything can be done using a single supply chain management app Conveyance ! This also helps to lowering the cost, saving time with a lower level of labor.


Such a supply chain management app is a Conveyance app.


Conveyance App is a supply chain management app that helps to handle the transportation and delivery of goods and the task management of the workers. All the challenges will become easier by tapping the mobile in your hand! This app can be used by everyone in a supply chain system. Manager, drivers, delivery persons, and even customers. As a result, from the beginning to the end of the supply chain – everything will come under the same umbrella at the same time. 


The functionality of the Conveyance app 


The working process of the Conveyance app can be considered from two angles.

  1. In terms of admin control and management
  2.  operator (driver, delivery person, customer).


Advantages related to admin control and management


  1. An admin can create any task list related to supply chain and delivery to initiate the process of controlling and monitoring management. 
  2. Delivery prices also can be set within the app.
  3. Admin can inform the driver or delivery person through the app who will complete the delivery. He/she doesn’t have to call or send SMS to everyone separately. Even when the scheduled delivery person or driver accepts the task, the admin will be informed by the notification of the Conveyance app. Time saves, cost saves.
  4. Facility to track the driver’s, Product’s, and vehicle’s location from the beginning to the end of the delivery process!
  5. Any footnote related to any delivery order can be added in the app.

6.Notifications for every completed delivery task.

  1. When delivery orders come in the middle of the day, the conveyance app make them easy to distribute through the app.
  2. If there is any shortage of delivery persons or drivers available for delivery or transportation, the Conveyance app can also solve the problem. Admin can create an open task, an operator who uses the Convenience app can do your job by accepting the task openly!


Benefits of the operator


Operator means delivery person, delivery agent, driver, and customer. Convenience app simplifies the work of a supply chain manager or admin as well as operators. As a result, the supply chain becomes more efficient!

  1. According to the admin’s task distributions, the operator can go to accomplish the task by accepting them through the app.
  2. If there is any kind of feedback from the operators’ end or if there is any problem, operators can inform to the admin through the app.
  3. Operator can see the area/location of their task in the app.
  4. Operators can also know the time of delivery in the app.
  5. Operator can know about any new delivery order from anywhere.
  6. Operators can notify the admin about the completed tasks. 


Company’s achievements using the Conveyance app


Centralized and customized supply chain 

Using the Conveyance app, almost everything in the company’s supply chain comes under the same shadow. Supply chain management can be controlled and monitored with one app. The way the Conveyance app creates to monitor and control makes the Supply chain and delivery management more centralized and customized. 


Organized supply chain 

As a result of one-stop supply chain control and monitoring, the company’s supply chain becomes more rationalized than ever before through the Conveyance app.


Optimized and effective supply chain 

As the company’s supply chain control and monitoring become more organized and efficiency gets multiplied! Now it is possible to handle deliveries without any hassle! Companies that were used to be able to manage 100 deliveries a day, can now manage 250+ deliveries.


Over-All Company Growth

As the company becomes centralized, customized, and optimized through the Conveyance app. Being able to deliver and distribute more goods in less time, with less effort, it results in increased overall growth, increased revenue, and customer satisfaction!

Now think! The Conveyance app has the power to bring exactly what you have been missing for so long. If you read the story of the Conveyance app, you will understand that this app was born out of trying to overcome obstacles while continuously working. Since what people create from real experience is the only thing that can have a practical impact on life. That is why Conveyance App is also able to understand and control the reality of the business and task management. Wondering how this Conveyance app was born out? If you want to read, keep an eye on the next post!

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