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Which Drawbacks of a conventional Supply Chain are reducing your profit?

From a corporate perspective, it is irrefutable that effective supply chain management is the backbone of a successful business. The more efficient the supply chain management of a company is, the more products can be delivered in less time and at a lower cost. Therefore, the confidence and trust of the customer will also increase. That means the overall development graph will be upward. That growth depends on the use of the right technology. Many large and small companies are lagging behind to adopt the right technology to their supply chain, hindering revenue growth.


Business success stories with the touch of technology

Imagine A company, which manufactures its own products and delivers them to the distributors or consumers. Although they were able to deliver the goods without any hassle at first, due to the current situation and increasing people’s reliance on technology, their home delivery orders multiplied several times! They were supposed to be happy getting more orders, but the tension is somewhere else. So many deliveries fell on the same day that delivery and supply chain management became even harder!

While tracking the correct listing, managing delivery operation, distribution, the company saw that it takes more time, on-time delivery being missed. Communicating with a delivery man, driver, customer and the cost is also increasing! But without minimizing the cost in the supply chain, increasing revenue is quite a very difficult task!

Let’s take a look at the problems the company is facing while managing the supply chain.


Transportation / Product Delivery

Two types of incidents occur in the case of transportation of goods.

  • Transportation of manufactured goods prior to manufacturing
  • Delivering manufactured products to the customer

Before or after manufacturing, whenever, for the transportation and delivery of goods, the area of ​​transport, vehicles, the delivery time, and persons are very important facts.

  1. Area: It takes a lot of labor to decide where to bring the product and where to distribute it.
  2. Time: It is becoming difficult to keep track and monitor the time at which the goods should be brought from the selected area and the time within which the goods should be delivered to any dealer or customer. But it is also important to remember that time is very valuable. Failure to deliver the product on time is a cause of loss for the company.
  3. Driver and Delivery Person: Once the area and time of transportation of goods is identified, it is time to work on who will transport or deliver the goods. While sharing the responsibility of delivery of goods, it is seen that some delivery persons are unable to deliver the goods within the specified area and time. Many times, it becomes difficult to get enough delivery personnel.


Conventional Delivery structure

  1. Delivery Order Listing – In a conventional way, first the supply chain or delivery manager has to list the order and delivery time one by one in a excel sheet. It takes huge time during his working period of a day. 
  2. Delivery Distribution: After spending so much time preparing a delivery sheet, you have to think about which delivery person will deliver to which area. To do this you have to make one phone call and SMS one after another. Here too time is running out, costs are rising.
  3. Delivery management and tracking time: As it goes, determining which delivery will dispatch before and which will go after is also quite challenging. Missing delivery time can be disadvantageous to customer satisfaction. 


More orders are coming in the middle

More orders are coming in while handling the previous day’s delivery orders. But so far almost all the delivery persons or delivery vans have been out to deliver or distribute the product. You have to re-list how the new order will be delivered. All the delivery persons are in a hurry and you have no idea about their present location. There is no end to the hassle of calling again or sending SMS! On the other hand, the customers are hoping to get their product as soon as possible.


Still Can’t Wrap up! 

Even at the end of a busy day, it is seen that a lot of work is left. Many deliveries are being missed due to a lack of an efficient system and have to be brought back in the delivery process. Failure to meet customer demand increases the chances of delivery or sales drops, product returns increase. If the product arrives late before manufacturing or processing, the production also can be delayed!


What can make life easy? 

To vanish all the hassles of delivery and Supply chain management, you just have to integrate an app that will make the supply chain and your life easy.  Conveyance App is a supply chain management app that helps to handle the transportation, supply chain, and delivery of goods. This app can be used by a supply chain manager, driver, delivery person and even a customer. As a result, from the beginning to the end of the supply chain – all the activities will come under the same umbrella at the same time. How? 

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