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Join the Conveyance App Webinar for FREE!

Mark your calendar as busy on April 7, 2021, at 11:30 AM for 1- 2 hours;
These are the hours for an exclusive Webinar on Conveyance App. Where you can explore a unique app that can solve the pain points of Task management of your entire supply chain.
Join the Webinar to move your business forward by increasing overall productivity with Conveyance.

Webinar Talking Points

We understand your curiosity about knowing the topics of this Webinar. Let’s take a look at the key points you are going to discover by attending this exclusive session. Here they are:

  1. What is Conveyance: The overview and the structure of ‘Conveyance App’ and how it is going to lessen your burden of Tasks.
  2. Pain Points of running an effective Supply chain: Understand the problems first, then we will show you the solution.
  3. Features of Conveyance App: which are going to assist you to solve the problems.
  4. Solutions for hassle-free task management for the following Areas:
    1. Attendance Monitoring with selfie
    2. Movement Base Task Management and monitoring,
    3. How to take control over Salesforce remotely,
    4. Quick Purchase and requisition management,
    5. How to smoothen Order and Delivery Management by Conveyance.
  5. Your company compatibility: Learn about the Companies and Industries that can use the Conveyance app for increasing Productivity and Profit!


How To Join The Webinar

  • Just click on the Register Now Button given below, and fill up the Google Form. 

  • After successful registration, we will send the webinar link through Email/ SMS. 


Webinar Link Scheduled and Published

Gladly Inviting you to Join the Webinar on 1st Introductory Webinar on Conveyance App Overview. join us for an interactive webinar to explore our Conveyance app and change the way of your supply chain and task management system be more productive.


Zoom Meeting

Meeting Link:



Apr 7, 2021

11:30 AM

Meeting ID:

897 4421 1013




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